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Benefits of Nature

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Benefits of Wetlands:
Improve water quality, regulate water flow for drought and flood management, provide wildlife habitat, provide carbon storage, contribute to climate change adaptation, provide opportunities for recreational fishing and hunting.

Benefits of Forests:
Improve air quality, absorb carbon emissions, filter air pollution, improve water quality and soil, provide important wildlife and bird habitat, provide sources of materials for building and manufacturing, provide shade and block winds.

Benefits of the Great Lakes:
Provide transportation, recreation and manufacturing goods and services contributing billions of dollars to Ontario's economy, source of drinking water for eight million people, provide raw power and cooling water for the province's energy supply.

Benefits of Green Spaces:
Create attractive, 'liveable' communities by providing relaxing, walkable and
aesthetically pleasing neighbourhoods, help us to adapt to impacts of climate change, help prevent flooding and erosion, provide habitat for wildlife and birds.