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Protecting Nature

protect natureConservation Authority Programs have become even more vital to protecting health of watersheds and people.

With nature being vital to our health, economy and security, and global warming a reality, the mandate of Conservation Authorities remains as relevant now as when it was initially formulated:

  • Safeguarding Ontario's rivers, lakes and streams;
  • Protecting, managing and restoring Ontario's woodlands, wetlands and natural habitats;
  • Developing and maintaining programs that will protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion;
  • Providing opportunities for the public to enjoy, learn from and respect Ontario's natural environment.

Examples of Conservation Authority contributions to healthy watersheds and people:

  • Healthy natural areas are critical for preserving and building local environmental resilience helping us to adapt to climate change
  • Conservation Areas & education programs provide healthy outdoor activities and help people to learn about the importance of environment to their own health
  • Watershed management programs provide tangible and measurable social, economic and environmental benefits
  • Stewardship Initiatives engage landowner and communities in activities that for example, protect and restore clean water, natural areas providing ecosystem services that support clean air and drinking water.

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