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Benefits of Healthy Watersheds

CO Step InfographicOur natural ecosystems are made up of forests, wetlands, water sources, plants and animals, and provide multiple goods and services that contribute to a healthy economy, environment and people. Every day, we rely on ecosystem goods and services - they connect us to our environment.

Conservation Authorities deliver practical, cost effective programs that ensure healthy ecosystems which enable them to generate and maintain valuable goods and services, often preventing the need for costly technological solutions to environmental problems.

benefit human healthHuman Health A healthy watershed provides safe drinking water, provides food, enables us to adapt to the impacts of climate change more easily by cooling the air and absorbing greenhouse gas emissions, and provides natural areas for people to keep active and recharge our batteries.

benefit eco health
Ecological Health
A healthy watershed conserves water, promotes streamflow, supports sustainable streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater sources, enables healthy soil for crops and livestock, and also provides habitat for wildlife and plants.

benefit economic health
Economic Health
A healthy watershed produces energy and supplies water for agriculture, industry and households. Forests and wetlands help to prevent or reduce costly climate change and flooding impacts, manages drought, contributes to tourism, fisheries, forestry, agriculture and mining industries.