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Your Watersheds - Our Great Lakes

Watersheds come in all sizes.

Almost all of us in Southern Ontario and many of us in Northern Ontario live a watershed managed by a Conservation Authority, which is connected to larger, separate watersheds belonging to each Great Lake and the St. Lawrence River. All of these watersheds are nestled together into one big Great Lakes basin - or watershed - which is actually part of an even larger watershed - the Atlantic Ocean watershed.

The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River provide the largest system of fresh surface water on the globe and we rely on this resource for drinking water, as well as economic, agricultural, health and recreational uses.

What we do upstream in the watersheds impacts conditions in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Conservation Authorities work with all levels of government plus many other agencies, community groups and landowners to plan and deliver a wide variety of watershed management programs that help to protect, manage and restore the Great Lakes and their watersheds so that they can continue to sustain us.

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You can see your watershed map and learn about the physical and social characteristics of your watershed.

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A number of Conservation Authorities produced watershed report cards which you can read to find out about the state of your watershed.



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You can visit your Conservation Authority's website to see what they are doing in your local watershed.

See where your Conservation Authority fits into the larger Great Lakes Basin watershed

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